With the holiday season fast approaching, I want to share my list of holiday gift ideas for the travelers in your life.

1. This leather charger roll-up is the best thing for the tech-y traveler. Between laptop, phone, Kindle and iPad chargers, earphones and other such wires, things can quickly become a tangled mess without a neat way to store it all in one place.
2. My husband received the Barracuda suitcase for Christmas one year and now he will not travel without it. A tray table and charging station for your laptop, as well as neat compartmentalized packing make this luggage extremely useful for frequent travelers, and you can fold it down to a smaller size for easy storage when you aren’t using it.
3. I wrote about this travel jacket sometime ago and to this day I take it everywhere I travel. The material quality and ease of use make it my favorite travel accessory for both on the plane and off.
4. As much as I love reading books in hard copy, I have to admit that it can be a drag to carry them around when I travel, from creating dog’s ears to adding more bulk to my suitcase, it just isn’t practical anymore. The Kindle makes a nice gift for travelers who are also avid readers.
5. For travelers who like to document their travels, the Moleskine journal makes a nice compact way to take notes or record memories.

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