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TreasureTravel provides its readers with travel tips, experiences, news and travel product reviews. We like to explore the less popular parts of popular destinations, and we will sometimes cover “voluntourism” as a unique option for adventurous travelers that also want to give back in some form. Join us as we discover new ways to learn about another culture, and enhance your knowledge of the world. The content on this blog aims to provide inspiration for your next vacation.

About Nidhi
photoI was born in Delhi, India, and a few years later my parents moved us to Yemen for a short period before we settled in Dubai, which is where I grew up. When it was time for me to pursue a degree, my parents decided to send me to Toronto, Canada since, at the time, the options for higher education were limited in Dubai. Toronto was my first experience of traveling and living in a new place all on my own – I think it’s where the travel bug first bit me. After I graduated I went back to Dubai to work full time and before long, I wanted to live in a new place again. Once again I used my education as an excuse to go some place new and I pursued my Master’s degree in Boston. Several years, jobs and a marriage later, I am still in Boston. Luckily my husband is also big on traveling and we have grand plans to see the world together.

About Brian
10599317_10152302625769599_8056421477310392985_nBorn and bred in Massachusetts, at 30 years of age I moved to London for a year as part of a work assignment and traveled to 11 countries throughout Europe and Asia. That’s really when my love affair with travel began. Today, I volunteer annually in the third world, living in impoverished villages and working on infrastructure projects, and try to visit 3-4 new countries each year. Seeing the world changes me for the better every time and opens my eyes to the fact that we’re all the same no matter where we live; we just have different customs and languages. I now have a partner in crime for life and am always looking forward to my next trip with my lovely and adventurous wife.

About Lauren
1072110_10151776076220152_553436826_oI was born and raised in Rhode Island, where every winter I questioned why I still lived there and every summer I realized why I did. For myself, my love for travel first began during high school, where I was able to travel internationally for the first time. I couldn’t shake it after that and found myself saving up everything I could to be able to explore and experience more of the world. This brought me to places across the globe and during that time I was lucky enough to be able to visit 11 countries and multiple states in the U.S. Knowing I wanted to continue my education, I decided to complete my Master’s degree in Boston where I was located for the past year. Currently, I am based in New York City for work and hope to continue to cross countries off my ever-growing travel list.


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