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Pondicherry – India’s French Riviera

It all started with Life of Pi, a movie about an Indian boy that survives 227 days out at sea, on a boat, with a Bengal tiger. Many of the scenes in the movie were shot in Pondicherry, an Indian… Continue Reading →

5 Safety Tips for Traveling in India

India is an exciting, unique, scary and fun place for travelers to visit for many reasons not the least of which includes all the varied cultures from city to city, the chaotic traffic, the symphony of smells and colors that… Continue Reading →

News From Around the Web Vol. 1

The world’s best Travel Jacket created by BauBax has collected $9 million in funding, exceeding its initial goal of just $20,000. Read more on The Economist. Online travel marketers are being urged to pay attention to mobile marketing according to… Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

When I got engaged, my (now) husband and I decided to have our wedding in India, which is where my parents live. The wedding turned out great, but planning for it taught us a lot about travel planning with a… Continue Reading →

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